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Back to school season is officially upon us, and it has sent me into an unsettled panic about finding the perfect school bag to lug my laptop and array of other items to and from NC State in.  Of course, I cannot just settle for something that is solely practical, it should be- no, MUST be- both fashionable and practical.  I’m tired of throwing away dingy old backpacks after a year of use, and I’m terrified of looking like I’m fourteen whilst pursuing my Master’s degree.  After much shopping around and scouring the internet, I’ve decided to compile a short list of some of the best fashionable back to school bags here, as well as a longer list on my Pinterest page.

 Now you might ask, “Hey, how do I figure out if a bag I found is both cute AND practical for school?”  If you follow these 3 guidelines, you’ll be golden!

  1. Size: You want to make sure your bag can fit your laptop comfortably, so I recommend making sure the dimensions are at least 13″ x 10″.  You’ll probably want some extra room for your charger, pens, agenda, etc. so make sure the depth is pretty giving as well.  I’d say aim for at least 4 inches in depth.
  2. Materials and Construction:  This is the time to really invest in a great beautiful bag, so make sure your materials are up to par.  I, personally, like leather since it’s extremely durable and ages really well, but if leather isn’t your thing, then faux can be a great option, too.  Construction is everything when choosing a long-term bag.  Flimsy, thin handles will absolutely not cut it, and you don’t want them to break under the weight of the small load you’ll be toting around. Look for bags with thicker, sturdy handles and reinforced seams (especially where the handles attach to the bag itself).
  3. Versatility: When investing in a bag, you want to make sure that this bag will translate will into your everyday life.  Honestly, this is why I shy from looking at actual backpacks- I know I won’t want to take a backpack to the mall or on a weekend getaway.  Look for a bag that you love, and I mean LOVE.  If you love the bag, you will use it.  Plain and simple.

Happy hunting ladies 😉


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