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I avoided button-down shirts like the plague in high school and college – to me they represented stuffiness and endless hours of being uncomfortable (and the inevitable peep-show that would ensue since I’m a bustier lady).  Thankfully, I decided to give my old rival another chance, and I have fallen in love with them!  Honestly, button-down shirts are so versatile and classic, and the whole fit issue can be fixed by simply trying on enough brands to figure out what works best for you.  There are definitely more options today than there were a few years ago, too – everything from cotton to chiffon, which makes button-downs even more versatile!  I love that you can channel a variety of different characters through clothing, and this staple can take you from Audrey Hepburn to Risky Business to Angelina Jolie in a heartbeat.



DIY: Glitter Pumpkin


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved carving pumpkins every year for Halloween.  Now, carving a pumpkin can be super fun, but sometimes we don’t always have time to get a pumpkin, the carving tools, scoop out the inside, find a stencil, etc. (you know the drill).  So, this year I thought I would mix it up a bit and decorate a pumpkin instead of carving one!  I’ve been inspired to make a simple decorative pumpkin that’s both classy and cute, which resulted in my beautiful gold glitter pumpkin.  This DIY is great for anyone who is short on time!

What You Need:

  • A pumpkin
  • Towel
  • Old newspaper or a drop cloth
  • Gold spray paint – after trying a bunch of different kinds, Rust-oleum metalllic spray paint is my personal favorite (it’s the paint I used for pretty much everything in my wedding)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold glitter

What I Did:

1) Wash the pumpkin 


Pumpkins almost always have some kind of mud or dirt film on them, so it’s important to wash your pumpkin and dry it thoroughly before even attempting to paint it or put any sort of adhesive on it.

2) Prep


Old newspaper is perfect for spray painting your pumpkin on.  Make sure you have enough laid out so that it goes at least a foot around your pumpkin.

3) Paint your pumpkin


I learned a ton about spray painting when planning my wedding, so here are a few tips for spray painting your pumpkin:

  • Always spray paint in a well ventilated area and read the instructions on the can before starting your project – if you have asthma, use a respirator
  • Shake the can for at least 30 seconds before spraying, even if you put the can down for only a few minutes.  If you don’t shake the can it can come out separated and you will most likely end up with the paint running down the side.
  • Hold the can about 8″ away from the surface of what you’re painting – if you’re closer, it might start to drip from over application, and if you’re farther away the paint will most likely end up in the wind
  • Make sure you apply the paint in light coats to avoid paint drips
  • Apply horizontally (left to right or vice versa) so the paint can make its way into the crevices

I ended up not painting the bottom of my pumpkin for the first coat, and turned it on its side to spray the bottom once the first coat had dried.  See the can for drying times.

4) Tape the stem


I like to be able to use the stem as a handle and I hate getting a ton of glitter on my hands, so I decided to tape the stem off before applying the adhesive and glitter.  Make sure you use painters tape – anything else will most likely take all the paint off your pumpkin.

5) Apply the adhesive & glitter



I only applied the adhesive to the top so the glitter would trickle down the sides of the pumpkin.  This step can get messy, but remember to treat spray adhesive just like spray paint when applying.  Extra fine glitter seemed to work best for this step because coarse glitter can have difficulty adhering to an object when it’s not laid flat.

6) Photo shoot!















>< H&M Mustard Sweater >< Asos Black Skinnies (similar) >< Sam Edelman Booties (not available, but I love these metallic ones) >< Rebecca Minkoff Wine MAB Tote Mini (it’s fabulous in orange!)><







DSC_0058>< Nordstrom Fly-Away Top >< J Crew Cutoff Shorts >< Nine West Sandals >< Kate Landry Crossbody Bag ><

I’m so excited to finally get to explore downtown Raleigh!  Now, Raleigh isn’t the most urban city in the world, but with the influx of 20- and 30-somethings the city is quickly changing and becoming more and more like a true city.  With this comes an increase in smaller, unique businesses that reflect what it truly means to live in an urban area, which brings me to some exciting news: DEMODE clothing is launching their Melange collection at Estate Boutique this week!  Now for those who don’t know, DEMODE clothing is a young urban clothing company based out of Raleigh, NC, and this launch is one of the first times their clothing will be featured in a physical store.  Talk about exciting!  In honor of this launch, DEMODE and Estate Boutique are hosting a launch party this Friday, August 1st, in downtown Raleigh.  Now, it’s a limited event, but tickets are available to attend for free while they last (click here to snag one!).  Come be a part of Raleigh fashion history and rub elbows with bloggers, photographers, and models at this one-of-a-kind event.  See ya there!

P.S. DEMODE’s new website is HOT!!!









>< Dress from The Impeccable Pig >< Loeffler Randall Clutch >< Franco Sarto Sandals >< LC Lauren Conrad Sunnies >< Large Shark Tooth Studs from 9th & Elm ><


Summery Inspiration

When I first started Sugar & Shine I clung to the fact that it was strictly a fashion blog.  I thought that having a blog that was STRICTLY fashion and outfits somehow meant that I was a serious fashion blogger, but recently I have learned to appreciate the freedom that comes with a fashion and lifestyle blog.  I’ve been inspired by many of the blogs I read daily to expand my horizons (but trust me, there will still be PLENTY of outfit posts and fashion bits!).  I’m excited to mix in some non-fashion tidbits every now then, starting with some of the most reposted images from my other blog, The Chill Life.  I absolutely love the ocean, surfing, skating, and the lifestyle that is formed around those things and I’m excited to break free a little bit more with you, my readers.  I hope you enjoy these pictures and I hope they inspire you to really live up this summer while it’s still hot out!




*Images were taken from The Chill Life where image sources are preserved via link on The Chill Life


Go Coco-NUTS!

photo (1)

With the beautiful rays of summer comes something not so awesome, but inevitable : frizzy, parched hair.  One of the best and gentlest (and supremely summery) remedies is a DIY coconut oil hair mask.  It’s super simple and inexpensive, especially if you already have some coconut oil in your home.  Coconut oil is absolutely wonderful for your hair and skin and it can help you battle frizz all summer long.  I recommend using this hair mask overnight instead of keeping it in all day because it can make your hair look super greasy.  If you decide to do it overnight, make sure to cover your pillow with a towel or wrap your hair in a towel while sleeping so you don’t get oil all over your bed.

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

  1. Take 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil and warm it up in your hands.  It usually comes in a solid, but quickly turns into a liquid when introduced to even the slightest heat.
  2. Distribute the oil throughout your hair, starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up toward your scalp. I would recommend doing this either over a sink or over your tub in case some drips while you apply it.
  3. Wrap your hair up in either a towel or a top knot and leave the coconut oil in for at least 30 minutes.  Ultimately, the longer you leave it in, the better.  Personally, I like leaving the coconut oil in overnight and I wash it out in the morning.
  4. After you are done, wash your hair thoroughly with a natural shampoo making sure the shampoo reaches the middle portion of your hair at the nape of your neck (I learned this from experience- you don’t want greasy hair because you missed a spot).   You don’t have to condition afterward, just dry and enjoy!

And in honor of this coconut oil post I just have to include this video:

What do you think about using coconut oil for beauty purposes?  What are some of your favorite ways to use coconut oil?


Welcome, Summer






>< Roxy Ruffle Crop Top (old) >< Target Aztec Maxi Skirt >< Target Sandals >< Vintage Necklace ><



photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

photo 4

photo 3

>< Target Chambray Button Down >< Jolie Shorts >< Nine West Calf Hair Flats >< La Mer Wrap Watch >< Louis Vuitton Handbag >< Bauble Bar Trillion Strand Necklace ><

After moving to North Carolina, it became apparent to me that what I had always labeled as “sorority chic” in Florida is actually the essence of the Southern woman’s style.  That being said, I’ve never considered myself a preppy girl, though I have tried my hand at it once or twice and quickly realized it just isn’t me.  This is the land of flats, button downs, and bright color, and in honor of that I decided to try a spin on the North Carolina preppy look.  I will always be a beach girl at heart, but sometimes it’s just fun to try new things, right?  Either way, this spin-off kept me comfortable, somewhat Southern, and beach ready all at once.

I really love mixing textures in outfits and this was no exception.  I paired my lovely chambray top with a loose cotton short, calf hair flats, and a sleek yet casual handbag – add some pearls and a hint of glam and BAM, there you go!


Crop It




>< BCNU Tulip Back Woven Top in Coral >< Forever 21 Asymmetrical Skort (similar here) >< Sam Edelman Mabel Heels >< Nixon Cannon Watch >< Loeffler Randall Handbag ><

Crop tops are difficult for me to wear because I have a super short torso, but thankfully there has been a great solution as of late: the crop top & skirt combo.  Most fashionistas have been pairing skirts that sit higher with crop tops to minimize belly exposure (I didn’t really have that problem since I’m so short!), so I paired my printed crop top with a cute basic skort.  I’ve really been loving this type of skort, and I love that I was finally able to get my hands on one!  I can’t wait to mix and match these pieces with other items in my closet – let the fun begin 🙂


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